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4D Cam Features

J34_use_service_med.jpg4D Cam is an exciting new application which harnesses the convergent technologies built into Motion Pen Computers to manage digital photos and JPG images in association with your field team's workflow.

Using the Motion Pen Tablet and 4D Cam you can now seamlessly capture photos, crop and mark up images, label the images to show date, time and location data.

4D Cam provides you with and advanced image management which enables the user to enhance digital photo attributes by using the built in digital cameras and GPS technologies of Motion Tablet PC models including J3500, J3600, F5v, F5t, C5v, C5t, CL 900 and CL 910 Pen Computers.
Even more valuable to you is the automatic ability to save geocoded intelligence known as EXIF tags to the JPG format so that you can see where and when that image was taken - anywhere in the world.  

motion_tablet_med_400.jpgEXIF tags are important to provide evidence and proof such as: locations of works, defects, environmental issues, cultural heritage features, clean-up of graffiti, risks or hazards.

Also of value is the ability to open other template images in 4D Cam to be marked up by the user to identify features with contrasting colours and thicknesses of the pen and text notations.

For example, magine you are trying to communicate where a particular switch is on a control panel, or need to reflect how a floor plan is actually different from the plan…  With 4D Cam you can capture your mark ups on the image and email this to share the information you have. You may even have template jpg images of conduits in a pit.  There may be a template for 2 conduits, 4 conduits, 9 conduits or 16 conduits.  Simply bring up the appropriate template, mark up for where there is capacity or maintenance issues and save (with unique file name)  with current spatial and temporal attributes into the EXIF tag.

4D Cam improves field team communication in many ways:

  • Captured Images using the Motion Pen Computer are easily stored with unique numbering so that you can manage large quantities of images with real time Meta tag data and labeling on the image if required.
  • All images (including those captured on an external device) can be modified to mark up to highlight or crop out un-necessary distractions.  The ability to annotate the image helps to communicate to colleagues quickly about risks, faults, defects or where to find something and much more...
  • All images are saved with an EXIF tag for which includes geo-spatial information which can be used for absolute referencing as evidence or just to keep your records orderly over the years.
  • Take your photo, mark up, save with GPS coordinates and email to share this information quickly.